Last week at the HCI conference in Chicago we heard a wide range of experiences from real practitioners making a real difference in their organizations - so we thought we'd reinforce what you learned with the top six ways you can ensure rapid results from your workforce planning project:

  1. Fast track.  Although many of the case studies seemed to take years to be successful, EPCOR (an Aruspex customer) took just three months - so can you! Download the EPCOR "Zero to Sixty in Three Months" paper from our website to see how.
  2. Work with an expert.  While one of the case studies presented was successful without help, most companies do better (and faster) when they have expert help from people like our experienced professionals.
  3. Get certified.  Become a Human Capital Institute Certified Strategic Workforce Planner and power up your career.  With HCI certification, you are learning the Aruspex methodology, so we know it will work for you - and that training will always be available wherever you are - in house, public seminars, or even online
  4. Pick up all the best knowledge.  Subscribe to our newsletter and blog, and download our whitepapers...or better still, call us and we'll send them to you!
  5. Don't be sidetracked by HR dashboards and Analytics as a "first step".  Great workforce planning solutions like ours will take care of analytics and dashboards for you - but analytics solutions can't take care of workforce planning.  Use an approach like ours and you'll make sure you achieve both at once!
  6. Start today.  It's not really like eating an fact, it's simple if you know what to do, and you follow the tips above.  Call us to find out how! Tags: