DecadeAheadInJobs Kind of approaching oldie but goodie, but there’s a nice visualization of the BLS’s projected job growth to 2018 on the NPR site.  Some pretty well known megatrends are clear (like reductions in jobs in textile manufacturing and “publishing, except software”), but I also liked a found a few things on there interesting:

  • Food services and hotels are forecast to grow less than average…but “arts and entertainment” more than avg
  • State, Federal and Local government all grow <average, NGO’s grow <average
  • Software grows and grows
  • Consulting grows most of all

So, based on other recent research, Boise is about to see a lot more consultants on the street….

Of course, that might not be how you interpret this in YOUR workforce planning environment scans, but it’s a nice visual with some independent external data, so it could be very useful to you.  Pretty, third party visuals are often a great aid.