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Stacy and I often joke that every topic is 3 degrees away from Workforce Planning. We’ll be relaxing, reading the paper, watching the news, or even a dinner conversation when something sets off a cascade of workforce planning connections in our mind. It’s true, we see workforce planning connections everywhere!

No, it’s not insanity. Apparently it’s a common symptom of experience, something that happens to every professional after spending 15+ years in an industry. But if this is the highest price we pay for our years in workforce planning, we think we’re doing pretty well.

The fact is, Stacy and I have been involved in workforce planning for some time. Stacy Chapman is a renowned human resources software strategist with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Prior to Aruspex, she held a successful global strategy role with PeopleSoft, where she designed and launched market-leading workforce management solutions. Her expertise and thought leadership is recognised by her status as a member of the Human Capital Institute's Expert Advisory Panel, and her work appears in publications around the world.

I’ve also learned a thing or two in my 16 years of strategic human resources experience and studying in Policy Studies and Strategic Foresight. In many ways my thinking is the personification of the Medici Effect -
intersections of our lives and experiences (HR and Futurism) to turn the ideas into path breaking innovations. I’ve worked with clients from around the world on a diverse range of strategic HR initiatives, designing and implementing Workforce Planning strategies, planning ahead for future workforce needs.

And then there are our learnings and inspiration from people such as Mary Young of the Conference Board, Don Ruse of Axiom Consulting (previously of Sibson Consulting), Gary Hamel (especially his book with C.K Prahlad 'Competing for the Future'
and 'Leading the Revolution'), and Peter Schwartz's book The Art of the Long View'.

Together, Stacy and I have used all of our experiences and inspirations to build our wealth of strategic planning experience which shapes the framework and methodologies used at Aruspex. Modestly, we are the thought leaders of Aruspex and we are the people that continue to work with our clients, so that our approach and learnings continue to evolve.