We often comment that Strategic Workforce Planning needs to be for everyone involved in delivering your organizations services or products - you need to think beyond just employees, and consider contractors, consultants and suppliers. In fact we go further and say that as part of your supplier negotiations you should be asking for evidence as to how the supplier will be ensuring that they are able to provide the resources needed to fulfil their obligations.

So it was with great interest that I read about Microsoft providing financial incentives for their suppliers to tap into 'under tapped' segments of the market eg. 3% increase on legal fees where there are substantive diversity p[programs and a further 2% where the supplier reports concrete diversity improvements and a $1 million commitment of cash and software over the next three years to the National Association of Black Accountants Inc. (NABA).

While these two initiatives have diversity focus, diversity is a component of Workforce Planning. So I am thinking it is only one step away from incentivising suppliers to Workforce Plan.

What do you think? Have you got similar initiatives in practice or in draft?