Business Week recently had an article on how researchers are developing tools to keep us on task.  Apparently 28% of the average US worker's day is lost to distractions and interruptions, of which much is attributed to email, IM's, Facebook and so on.  In "May We Have Your Attention Please", you can read about the efforts of Google, Microsoft, IBM and others to develop tools to overcome this productivity shortfall and enable us all to stay focused. 

Very interesting, and for many of us, very welcome (crack-berry, anyone?)...but also potentially important for planning for the future workforce.  If you were able to get 20% of that lost productivity back, that would be 5.6% of total worker time.  Wow.  Maybe a fantasy, but it does remind us that we need to consider changes in the productivity of the future workforce in our strategic workforce plans, not just changes in the number of bums we have on seats!