Today at the HR Demo Show in Las Vegas, Aruspex won the “best in class” Workforce Planning Software award. The first conference of its kind, the show does not include trade show booths on an exhibit floor, but live, 1-hour software demos. A demo under those conditions (live audiences, live demos) shows what the market really wants to see – the software, not the spin.

A number of comments in the twittersphere were the speed of implementations, the flexibility of the interface, the integrated methodology, and predictive analytics, and capacity to deal with contingent workforces.

Other comments included reference to the company culture that showed through in the demos – the CEO’s passion, that it was an “exciting” and “fun” demo with a “sense of humor”.*

We’re truly honored and would like to congratulate other winners and thank the judges!

* I was in Vegas with our CEO in August and trust that it was a different sense of humor today!