Following on from last week’s post on biology and workforce, here’s a study looking at biological reasons for shyness.  It demonstrates a born personality trait called Sensory Perception Sensitivity, which causes

This is all very interesting, but how might it impact talent strategy?  It’s basically saying that some individuals can’t be taught some behaviors including rapid decision making.  From the article:

Example: Thinkers could survive in a dangerous situation that requires thought, but doers may have better chances in situations that require aggressive action.

Combined with last week’s information on the relationship between biology and work, it means that in talent planning and development one size really does not fit all.  Rather, the types of strategies needed for different roles and groups will vary, not just because the nature of the work varies, but because the nature of the people drawn to the work varies.  Different strokes for different folks.

Of course, good strategic workforce planning includes this as a fundamentally accepted situation. 

Does your workforce planning approach incorporate this reality, or deny it?