Gartner are forecasting ten key trends which will change the nature of work in the next ten years:

  1. De-routinization of Work
  2. Work Swarms
  3. Weak Links
  4. Working With the Collective
  5. Work Sketch-Ups
  6. Spontaneous Work
  7. Simulation and Experimentation
  8. Pattern Sensitivity
  9. Hyperconnected
  10. My Place

Most of them are around the nature of working and team relationships, but some (like the simulation and pattern sensitivity things) are about different ways of operating.  Most of them have some impact on the kinds of work, and hence kinds of capabilities, people will be doing.  Potentially big impacts for the future workforce, but at different times, in different ways and with different degrees of impact.  Some will evolve, some will be “switch on” impacts.  But they all need to be thought about.  Definitely a good piece of research for a few water cooler discussions with the leaders of critical groups.

Or, to swarm over, I guess…