Here are four examples of the ways I’ve seen customers “pilot” workforce planning in their organizations:

  1. “Let’s do Supply Chain – that’s a small group of people"!”
  2. “Four business units in Asia”
  3. “The group that volunteered”
  4. “The critical group with the biggest shortages”

imageSo one of them chose a group that (while small for them) is incredibly complex; one chose a group that’s complex and also huge; one a group they don’t know the advantages or challenges of; and the fourth chose to start with a group where the cost of failure is as high as possible!  Such courage, but…hey, it’s possible to make life a lot easier for yourself than THAT.

At Aruspex, we recommend that you don’t look for a pilot, you look for LIGHTHOUSE, it will make an enormous difference to the success of your project.  A lighthouse is designed not just to be a successful project, but to have the internal marketing qualities to ensure that other parts of the organization will be drawn to it, and will want to follow.  We’ve got a pretty serious method of finding one…give me a yell if you need the details

And be really careful not to do any of the four above!