For years we have been saying that organizations need to segment the talent market just as marketers segment the consumer market – not for organizational demand (which is critical groups), but for SUPPLY!  And the latest issue of Diversity Executive magazine has someone else talking about it too!  In his regular leadership column, Robert Rodriguez (the director of the Kaplan Center for Corporate Learning at Kaplan University)talks about Talent Segmentation

I recently attended a marketing conference and was amazed by how sophisticated sales and marketing professionals are in segmenting their consumer base. By dividing their market into segments, marketers are able to better meet the distinct needs, wants and behaviors of those with similar characteristics, which ultimately influences their buying preferences.

Of course, if you’re in HR, instead of “buying preferences”, substitute “attraction and retention”, because that’s the HR equivalent.  While Rodriguez’s article talks specifically about diverse segments, the principles are true for all talent, just as they are true for all consumers.

Talent Segmentation is one of the techniques which really differentiates strategic workforce planning from the operational kind – but HR are often uncomfortable with it.  How about you?  Ready to treat the talent market as a market, and be truly competitive in it?