Employer sponsored childcare often comes up in our workshops as a 'solution' to attracting and retaining working parents. Then, in light of the aging population, eldercare is raised and we begin exploring the practicalities—if we were to do this, where should the care be located? Some people want it near the office, some near their home. How can we as an organization know which is best? Can we afford such an investment? (Some even ask can we afford not to proceed.) What are the returns on such an investment?

Here is a slightly different slant on the issue of care as a benefit - emergency care for children or elderly. This refers to those situations when there is an unscheduled, unexpected break down in normal arrangements, requiring an employee to fill the care gap and take unscheduled leave.

I have come across two organizations that are undertaking these programs: Abbey Bank in UK who is using MyFamilyCare and Harvard University’s Parents in a Pinch.

I am sure there are other providers and more organizations with similar programs out there. Do you know of any? Care to share?