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Right now organizations are visiting their strategic plans that design their organization’s future, this includes overall business vision, financial, marketing and workforce (if they have them) plans. For those organizations without a Strategic Workforce Planning it is most timely to at least ask and answer critical questions such as those below.

Which roles are critical to the delivery of our strategy? So that we can ensure that we have strategies in place to retain these resources, give them confidence of the organization’s future.

Do we have the capability and capacity to deliver our strategy? Is our business strategy changing at all to accommodate business conditions? If so do we need to review the types of capabilities that are needed? If we believe that we need to scale capacity (i.e. reduce staff), where are the smartest places to do this.

What should we spend our people budget on? What should we spend on right now that positions us correctly for the future?

Of course those organizations with a Strategic Workforce Planning tool, such as CAPTure
are enabled to present a visualization of their future workforce needs.