HR Tech 2008 Chicago was great but an exhausting few days!

Aruspex client, Melissa Cummings , Vice President Workforce Planning of Aetna presented (refer newsletter) the Aetna workforce planning journey. Melissa’s presentation was well received(see here ) and generated great questions creating quite a bit of traffic to our booth. To those that visited us, we look forward to keeping in touch and furthering our relationship.

In de-briefing after the conference we identified the top 5 questions asked of us on the booth.

• Can Aruspex do operational planning as well as strategic planning?
• How is Aruspex’s offering different from the other software vendors?
• How can Aruspex help me be successful in doing workforce planning?
• Who is Aruspex’s thought leaders?
• How do current economic affect a Workforce Planning initiative?

We will be covering off the responses to these questions over the next few blogs...once we fully recover from HR Tech. Stay Tuned!