I was delighted to share Aruspex's experience in Strategic Workforce Planning at an HR.com virtual conference this week. Our deep experience on this topic provides us with the unique ability to speak about 'Leading Practices in Strategic Workforce Planning Real World Learning' and provide real-world case studies of the practices in action.

Having access to such a diverse audience of HR practitioners also provided the opportunity to ask participants about their own Strategic Workforce Planning journeys.

Our first question was 'At what stage do you feel your organization is at in the Strategic Workforce Planning journey?'. A resounding 62.5% indicated that they were 'at the beginning', with the second largest response being 18.75% 'not at all'. No one indicated they felt their Strategic Workforce Planning was established.

It follows that our next question was to delve and understand 'What are the challenges to undertaking workforce planning?' We presented some common challenges that our years of consulting have identified and the results were: 23% indicated 'complexity' and 20.5% 'time involved', 20.5% 'consistency of approach' and '15%' identified with engaging the right levels of business.

Questions and answers saw us being asked 'How does one start the Workforce Planning journey?', 'What are the common success factors for Workforce Planning?', 'Who should be involved in Workforce Planning?' and many more... I found that consistently my answers included reference to material in our white papers on our knowledge centre. So for those who haven't yet read them:

A Real-World Approach to Planning the Right Workforce for Tomorrow’s Organizations: Part 1: An Introduction to Workforce Planning
A Real-World Approach to Planning the Right Workforce for Tomorrow’s Organizations. Part 2: Getting Down to Business: How to Workforce Plan.

Thank you to those of you who participated in our session and for those who have provided feedback that we had a message of differentiation and as result have enrolled in our workshops. We look forward to sharing a lot more of our experience and real-world, practical techniques with you.

Where does your organisation fit in the scale of 'not having started/beginning stages/underway/well established' for your Workforce Planning journey? As always we welcome your posting thoughts and comments.