Environment Scanning happens everywhere, all the time.  Flying a long way south for the holidays, I flicked through the pages of an in-flight magazine to see an ad from the Melbourne Business School (you don't get much further south than that) - a page long "insight" discussing the value of alumni programs for businessWe've long advocated alumni programs as an important tool in tight labor markets, and this was a great quote:

Instead of focusing only on ways to stop people leaving, organisational leaders need to recognise that employee mobility is a fact of life.

Too true!  Of course, implementing an alumni program isn't a silver bullet for all of the issues around employee mobility, but acknowledging the "fact of life" that is movement out of your organization and incorporating it into your workforce plans is very important for your success.  People will leave, even really good people will leave - embrace it.

PS:  The heading of the ad was the slightly silly "the war for talent is over:  talent has won".  But I kept reading anyway....lucky it was a long flight!